The Makeup Artist

At the age of 10 in the fourth grade, Hilenda H. received an entrepreneur award from her elementary school teacher. She received this award, due to the fact that she created a lemonade & coconut water stand with a neighborhood friend. Once she told her teacher the news in excitement, she later than gave her the award at the end of the school year ceremony. Since then she was inspired and determined to have her own business. Later on, as a teen transitioning to a new life out of high school, Hilenda was seeking for something different. She had an artistic drive in her that she wanted to shell out to the world. After countless attempts she finally discovered that her passion was makeup/cosmetology. Now, she’s determined to make her clients and customers feel absolutely ALLURING! Her Motto says it all about her mentality, "No matter how you feel, Get up & Never give up." Currently Hilenda’s Alluring Makeup’s goals are to grow, and to ensure that the brand successfully reaches a wide variety of different ethnic backgrounds, & nationalities. This brand started out with the Hilenda’s Alluring Lashes line, which are named and inspired by goddesses from all ancient cultures. "This brand lets women know that they’re not plain or regular, but that they're powerful, enchanting, mystical creations that holds the world by the belt. My sole mission as a skilled M.U.A, Vegan, and business woman, is to be a voice and role model to women and young girls to live a very healthy lifestyle, work hard, and look fabulous while doing it all." -Hilenda H. Show your sista the GODDESS WAY! # Team Goddess


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