Hilendas's Alluring Makeup Terms of Conditions


When booking with Hilenda's Alluring Makeup, a 50% deposit has to be made to secure/reserve your spot. Without the payment for the 50% deposit, the appointment will not, and can't be made. Future clients, please be careful when booking the date, and time of your appointments, so there aren't any confusion.


A travel fee is only made when the future client would like the makeup artist (Hilenda) to provide (a) makeup service(s) in their personal space. This requires the makeup artist to travel to the client's home, apartment, hotel room, venue, and etc. The makeup artist will be packing up her salon station set up at the requested location of the appointment. Please, discuss the traveling location with the makeup artist at her primary contact number. Once a travel fee rate has been made, the makeup artist will be send you an invoice (way of payment).


If a client falls 15 minutes late then they’ll get charged an extra $25. This will be paid in cash before the appointment starts.


Your booking with Hilenda is a reserved spot. When canceling with the makeup artist, please let her know at least 3 hours in advance. Sadly, the deposit made prior can't be refunded. On the other hand, a reschedule date for the makeup appointment can be made as a substitute.


This here by states that Hilenda's Alluring Makeup reserves the right to take photographic, and/or film records of any of our make-up applications. Also, may use any such photographs for promotional, and/or commercial purposes.

Thank you for choosing Hilenda's Alluring Makeup Services, See you soon!

Change to this Statement

Hilenda's Alluring Makeup may occasionally update this Statement.

Effective as of September 22, 2017